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About The Nirvana Series

The Nirvana Series starts in a jumble as the citizens of Ewin learn a bacteria is rapidly taking over the planet and infecting all. The only option to survive is to get out of Ewin's atmosphere immediately. Friends Talien and Eustace manage to get to the Nirvana, a freighter that happened to be in orbit. 

As the planet below increasingly becomes infected, they must make this freighter their home and find a way to survive both themselves and a universe that is now hostile to them, and the bacteria they carry in their blood. 

The intention for this series is that's it's a long run serial, involving the perspective of different characters for each book, but the series will follow the same community as they grapple with their new reality, and try to survive and ultimately create a life for themselves. 

The long run intention is for this not to be dystopian, even as it starts that way. This is a story about rebuilding and facing both the opportunities and challenges stemming from this planetary extinction event. 

Give the series a try through the weekly chapters sent to those signing up to my newsletter (sign up at the bottom of the page). For those who want to read ahead, there's a subscription plan that releases chapters as they're written, at a rate of three a week. 

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