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With her husband’s death, Ashra must represent the Greve family and her son’s interest at the court of the conqueror who had invaded her lands and enslaved her people. Not all want to see her their midst and will do everything in their power to see her fall. Roisen Lorcan is one who isn’t known for his love of the conquered Solmnite people and his eyes are firmly on the Greve lands, and the opportunity to strip them off her.

In the nest full of vipers that is Raufager’s court, Ashra must fight for her son’s future and inheritance, while keeping the predators from their door. The liege likes to keep his lords and ladies close and distracted by vicious court games, where survival is never guaranteed. Still grieving for her beautiful husband, Ashra she must learn to play their games better than all the others, and avoid the clouded fate that befell him.

Courtier - Book 1 Courtier Series


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